At the beginning of the year we posted our recommendations for great podcasts about running. However, with COVID19 pushing more people out of the gyms and into outdoor running it seemed like a good idea to recommend a few more.  These are podcasts which will both entertain and motivate you to be the best runner you can be. Please let us know your favorites in the comments section!

We Run the Desert

Our first recommendation is for the We Run the Desert podcast. Here runners Jeremy and Chris hail from Arizona hence the ‘run in the desert’ title. This show works because of the friendly banter between the 2 hosts and the everyday approach they give to running. They make you feel like you could be one of their running buddies, which is empowering and a lot of fun to listen to.

Running on OM

In 2013 Julia Hanlon started her running podcast Running on OM to help her embark ‘on a journey to explore questions of the mind, body and spirit’. Since then she has provided insight into her personal running journey but also interviewed many people and hosted roundtables on fitness concerns. It’s very entertaining!

Ali on the Run

Hosted by former professional runner Ali Feller, Ali on the Run focuses mostly on interviewing athletes and sharing their stories. She does a good job bringing an eclectic group of people to be interviewed on the show with everyone from Olympian Shalane Flanagan to broadway performer Amanda LaVergne. Sometimes she will do a ramblings episode which are less structured but they are all entertaining and motivating to crush your run.

Marathon Training Academy

I love a podcast hosted by a couple and that’s what you get with Marathon Training Academy. Husband and wife team Angie and Trevor Spencer set out to help people prepare for their first marathon. If you are getting bored during quarantine and want to set a goal like running a marathon this is a perfect podcast for you

Run to the Top

My favorite part of the Run to the Top podcast is how much content they are able to pack into very short episodes. With most of their shows being under 30 minutes it’s remarkable what they are able to fit in. They interview a variety of people and aren’t afraid to talk about tough topics in fun and entertaining ways. Listening to them is 30 minutes well spent!

Maybe it is my own experiences as a podcaster but I find nothing more relaxing than listening to shows like the ones listed above. I love hearing the host’s stories and meeting new people through their interviews and profiles. This connection to humanity is especially important right now during this time of isolation and quarantine. Do you have a favorite running podcast? Please share with us in the comments section!