When the world shut down in March not many of us thought we would still be in various stages of lockdown come October and yet here we are. Fall has begun and for most of us life is more stressful than usual. Whether it be our kids homeschooling, trying to stay healthy or our normal activities being unavailable, the pressure to succeed in troubled times is all around us.

This intensity is why it is time to share some positive health affirmations to help center us on what really matters and how we can find happiness and good fortune.

Why Affirmations?

Just as we explained in our Summer affirmations post, “An affirmation is a positive saying or mantra we can repeat to help encourage good fortunes and a calm future. The more we put positive thoughts into our subconscious the more our mind and body help make those thoughts a reality.”

Please share with us your affirmations. What helps you this time of year to stay positive and grounded?


  1. I lose the baggage of the past and leave it for the wind to carry away.
  2. I feast on life and the abundance given me.
  3. I am flexible with life and open to what nature gives me
  4. I take deep cooling breaths
  5. I trust that everything is under control and what is lost will return
  6. I harvest the garden of my soul
  7. I drink rich the warmth that surrounds me
  8. This Fall season will bring new adventures and experiences
  9. The cooler air calms my spirits and enlivens my soul
  10. I give myself permission to rest and pause
  11. I will forgive when it is hard this Fall
  12. By nourishing myself, I nourish the world
  13. I will grow in knowledge and power
  14. I will acknowledge those who came before me and honor their sacrifices
  15. Each day is a gift even in a time of suffering. Heal daily

That should get you started! Please share with us your daily affirmations. What helps you to feel calm and embrace your body and spirit? We would love to hear in the comments section. Happy Fall!