It might seem obvious the more quickly we receive relief from pain the better we will feel. However, there is some real physical and mental benefits to fast acting pain relief over a slower approach. Some people hesitate in getting help for pain. They can have many different reasons for their reticence including general busyness, wanting to appear tough and strong or they may have a general distrust of doctors and medicine. Such an approach, however, makes little sense for the body and leaves us in more pain in the end, which nobody wants.

First, it is important to understand different kinds of pain. You have chronic pain and what is known as ”breakthrough pain”. The latter is pain that is sudden and sharp requiring immediate relief. “”Sometimes breakthrough pain just occurs, without any obvious trigger. In essence, it means the patient needs more medication to cover the chronic pain and another drug for the breakthrough pain.”

The problem comes when trying to take medicine for both chronic and breakthrough pain. It is easy to develop a tolerance for pain relief medications especially opioids and dependencies can be and are often a real problem.

So it is ideal if you can find a way to relieve the breakthrough pain while not increasing any medications. That’s where the Zim’s line of pain relief products come in. All of our products penetrate the skin easily and work quickly to relieve pain. Such fast acting relief helps to deal with breakthrough pain so we can continue on with our daily lives and activities. Of course, any pain relief regiment should be overseen by a doctor but the more we can relieve pain without adding more prescriptions the happier we will be.

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