Today on the Zim’s blog we are diving dep into our products! In particular the 4 different applications you can get Zim’s relief: a gel, spray, liquid and roll-on. Let us know which method works the best for you in the comments!

Zim’s Max Freeze Cooling Gel

The Max-Freeze Gel is a clear gel that is fast acting and penetrates quickly into the skin to tackle the toughest muscle pain. The gel can be applied to affected areas as much as 4 times a day. Massage the painful area until the gel is absorbed into the skin and enjoy relief from pain!

Max-Freeze and Max-Heat Liquid

Both Max-Freeze and Max-Heat feature a fast acting liquid formula with a long-neck applicator to target hard to reach areas. We have covered when to use heat and cold several times on this blog. Check out here and here.

Max-Freeze Roll-On

The Max-Freeze Roll-On may look like the liquid but it is actually different. It features a greasless and vanishing formula with an easy to use, roll-on applicator. It is full of all natural ingredients like aloe, arnica and tea tree oil.

Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

The Max-Freeze spray is a great option to get maximum coolilng in a convenient and discreet application. With the spray you can pinpoint the exact spot you are in pain and apply the formula for relieff. There is no need to rub it in: just spray and move on. It’s comfortable and with a vanishing scent easy to use in any environment.

So there you have it. Which is your favorite way to use a Zim’s product? Let us know in the comments section.