One of the most demoralizing experiences after a workout is the muscle aches and pains that can come along with it. It’s hard to work up the enthusiasm to exercise when you know you are going to be in pain as a result. Fortunately the Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid can help relieve muscle pain and get you back in the gym again soon! 

There are a couple special features of the Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid that make it perfect for your pain relief needs:

1. Natural Ingredients- The liquid formula has natural ingredients such as aloe, arnica, and tea tree oil,

2. Vanishing Scent- with the natural ingredients comes a therapeutic smell that while refreshing, doesn’t linger on the body. This helps you to find relief while at work or in public and not bother others.

3. Unique Applicator- The applicator for the Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid helps provide relief for hard to reach muscles in your back, shoulders and neck

4. Deep Penetrating- This isn’t just surface-level relief but it goes deep into the affected area. The pro formula penetrates the muscle and allows healing to truly begin, so we can get back to training quickly.

There are many other benefits to using the Zim’s Max-Freeze Cooling Liquid. What have you found? Find your local retailer here.