We have now past the mid-way point of 2021, which means it’s a perfect time to refocus on our goals and check in with how we are doing this year. It can be so easy to let the busyness of life overwhelm us and we can lose touch with what really matters. Some affirmations can help remind us of what is most important and center us with what our natural energy wants to achieve.

  1. I am responsible for my life. I make good things happen and can achieve my goals
  2. I can chose to be happy and find peace
  3. Today I am brimming with happiness and a calming energy
  4. My body is powerful. My mind is brilliant. I can do anything I set out to do
  5. I am talented and special
  6. I forgive those who have hurt me
  7. I can love even the unlovable
  8. I possess the qualities to become successful
  9. My ability to conquer my challenges is unlimited
  10. I deserve happiness and to be loved
  11. I can do hard things
  12. I am courageous and I stand up for myself
  13. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life
  14. I can lead others and be strong
  15. I trust myself to make the right choices

There are many more affirmations that can help us focus on the positives in life and remind us of all we can accomplish. What are some that help you? We’d love to hear them in the comments section. How are you feeling about 2021? After a rough 2020 it’s been an interesting transition year to normal life to say the least.

And remember- I am at peace with myself and my contribution to the world has value