Here at Zim’s we like to celebrate the start of a new season. With Fall rapidly upon us we welcome the changing of the world all around us. The trees are changing colors, parents are helping their kids return back to school and there is a little nip in the air that pushes us to do more and be better. Today, as we do every quarter, we are sharing some affirmations with you to help all of us center our spirits during this Fall season. We hope you will share with us some of your own and what helps you to have a great and fulfilling time of year.

Get Grounded: An Autumn Yoga Sequence for Calm and Stability — Balance Garden

  1. I embrace the change of the seasons and give myself permission to change and grow
  2. I will let go of anger and anything holding me back from my biggest potential
  3. Nature will become a stronger more vibrant part of my life
  4. I will recognize miracles in my life
  5. I harvest the bounteous blessings all around me
  6. I promise to notice the small gifts in life each day
  7. I am not afraid to start over and begin a new journey
  8. I will learn something new every day
  9. I will slow down and pay attention to the good things in my life
  10. May this new season bring me peace, happiness and love

What are some of your affirmations and thoughts going into the Fall season? We would love to hear about them in the comments section. We hope you have a blessed and happy season and day.