It’s always great finding the perfect playlist to accompany a workout and luckily Spotify has a lot of options to enjoy. We’ve talked about some here and here but let’s share some more of our favorites:

Power Workout

Power Workout | Spotify PlaylistThe Power Workout playlist is designed for “…whatever activity you do that may need a punch of intensity!” It has 50 songs with a lot of strong beats including artists like Drake, JAY-Z, Kanye West and more.

Rap Workout

Workout on Spotify

Similar to the Power Workout we have the Rap Workout has songs with a strong hip-hop beat that will be a great choice especially for your cardio sessions. This playlist has 59 songs and includes artists like Lil Nas X, Drake, Dr Dre, Kendrick Lemar and more.

90s Workout

Best Cardio Workout Playlists on Spotify | POPSUGAR Fitness

There’s nothing like the 90s for bubbly fun pop music that will work great for motivation in a workout. The 90’s Workout playlist has 75 songs from artists like NSYNC, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, En Vogue and more.

Disco Workout

Disco Workout - Compilation by Various Artists | Spotify

Along with the 90s the late 70s particularly the disco era provides lots of bubbly pop music perfect for a workout. This makes the Disco Workout playlist a perfect choice. With 26 songs you can enjoy artists like The Spinners, Rose Royce, and Aquarian Dream.

What are some of your favorite Spotify playlists for a workout? We’d love to hear in the comments section.