We love podcasts here at the Zim’s blog and have talked about them before in posts here and here. Fortunately you can never have too many podcast recommendations so today we thought it would be fun to share some more of our favorites. (Always make sure to talk with your doctor before starting a diet or exercise regiment).

Found My Fitness

Sometimes as we attempt to become our healthiest self it is helpful to hear the perspective of doctors and experts on the human body. That’s what you get with Found My Fitness hosted by Rhonda Patrick PHD. She interviews a ton of expert guests who provide insight into topics like building muscle, diets and aging.

Girl Fit Method

Fitness coach Natasha Wakefield promises to become our “new fitness BFF” with her podcast Girl Fit Method. On the pod she shares tips on fitness, diet, body image and how we can work healthy living into our lives with ease. The episodes are mostly under 30 minutes which makes for a good accompaniment to any quick workout.

Maintenance Phase

There are so many terrible fad diets and fitness trends out there that it is great to find a podcast like Maintenance Phase that seeks “debunk the junk.” Hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes have episodes on topics like the paleo and keto diets, recovering from COVID and more.

Fitness Stuff

There’s no question that finding a fitness routine that works is difficult. That’s where Fitness Stuff (for normal people) comes in. Hosts Tony & Marianna promise to “make exercise and nutrition science practical.” They have episodes on “how to set up an exercise training program”, “how to lose weight without counting calories” and more.

What are some of your favorite fitness podcasters? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section